This Is the Best Grocery Store Coffee Blend, According to Foodies


Admittedly, we haven't exactly graduated to the artisan coffee shop for our daily at-home brew. That said, we aren't above digging through the countlessВ supermarket brands in search of the best possible cup of joe, and Kitchn's Danielle Centoni is making this search for the best grocery store blend that much easier. The food and recipe writer sampled 15 of the most readily available coffees found at supermarkets nationwide in order to identify the most top-notch brands.

"We narrowed the playing field by choosing only dark roast beans, and pre-ground whenever possible for consistency," she specified. "We used a digital scale to measure the grounds (13 grams of coffee per cup), a temperature-controlled electric kettle for the water (205В°F), and a metal pour-over filter." After what we assume was an energetic taste test, Green Mountain Coffee's Organic Sumatran Reserve came out on top, followed by Caribou Coffee Dark Roast, Starbucks Dark Verona, and Peet's Coffee French Roast.

"We spotted this organic variety on the natural foods aisle. It was only available in whole bean, which we ground in a burr grinder," she explained. "Surprisingly, the beans weren't very aromatic at all, but once brewed their flavor was deliciously complex. It was earthy with fruity-cherry notes and a hint of vegetal greenness. The coffee was smooth and not bitter, with a bit of balancing acidity. It was so well-balanced, in fact, that we would happily drink it black."

Have you ever had the Green Mountain Coffee Sumatran Reserve? Share your review in the comments, and shop the winning blend below:

Green Mountain Coffee Organic Sumatran Reserve $15Shop

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