This Drink Helped Me Fall Asleep in 10 Minutes (and Stay Sleep)

I tend toВ mull over all of life's great mysteries between the hours of 10 p.m. and 4 a.m. My overactive mind sees this window of time as the perfect opportunity to obsessively analyze large-scale world issues, like the current state of American politics as well as less-seriousВ concerns, like what I'm going to wear to Panorama Music Festival next weekend. While some nights I'm given a free pass, languidly dozing off while watching Parts Unknown or whatever I'm currently bingeing on Netflix, most are essentially a tug-of-war between my racing mind and my body's need for sleep.В


I've turned to all kinds of sleep aids-melatonin supplements and gummies, Advil (something about the subtle muscle relaxation has helped), deep breathing, journaling, smelling the scent of lavender, and more. But my recent experimentation withВ Dirty Lemon's CBD-infused drinkВ has proven the most successful and consistent (so far, at least).

Formulated in partnership with BEBOE, each drink containsВ 20 milligrams of water-soluble cannabidiol sourced from non-GMO industrial hemp grown in Colorado, in addition to L-Theanine, which curbs anxiety and promotes tranquility. "We've been developing ingestibleВ CBDВ products for the past two years and trust the plant as nature designed it," said co-founder of BEBOE Clement Kwan in a press release. "Our plants are naturally cultivated with organic nutrients and we go to great lengths to preserve the magic of the plantsВ sic intricacies in the final product."

My experience

Assuming the relaxing potionВ would do little to boost my productivity at the office, I took a few drinks home with me to test on evenings and weekends. The drink lulled me to sleep on three separate occasions before I could even finish the bottle. I thinkВ my success is due to the fact that my sleeplessness is mostly stress- and anxiety-related, and that I set the scene beforehand-after doing my entire skincare routine,В taking out my contacts, andВ settling into bed, I'd sip the drink while watching Netflix in the dark or reading in dim lighting.

In other words, you will most likely not pass out while drinking this on the couch with friends. People turn to CBD to ease anxiety, relieve stress, assuage muscle and joint pain, reduce inflammation, heal acne, relieve nausea, and of course, improve sleep quality. For me, drinking roughly three-quarters of a bottle before bed ensured that I fell asleep withinВ 15 minutes, and stayed asleep for a full six hours (which is rare-I usually wake up on-and-off all night).

While I've only tried this three times so far, my body has not built up a tolerance to the CBD oil like it has melatonin. Since melatonin is a hormone, it's been said that taking a synthetic version via supplement can actually cause your brain to produce less of it over time, as it expects the supplementation. In my experience, melatonin supplements only work the first few times, and from there, the effects weaken.В

Check back for my update on whether or not I seem to develop a tolerance to the CBD drinks, and in the meantime,В try the drink for yourself below.

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