6 Organic Coffee Brands to Start Your Day Right

Half Baked Harvest

Enjoying the right cup of joe is paramount to starting your day off on the right foot so, naturally, choosing which brand to enjoy isn't a decision to be taken lightly. Whether you're concerned about ethical sourcing, sustaining the environment, or you simply want the best taste nature has to offer, organic coffee can be the perfect way to start your day. In addition to hosting fewer (or no) synthetic chemicals, fertilizers, and pesticides, the soil where organic coffee is grown also tends to be richer in nutrients. To help you enjoy all that this beloved beverage has to offer, see six our favorite organic coffee brands.

Camano Island Coffee Roasters

Fair-trade compliant and certified organic, Camano Island Coffee is sourced from Papua New Guinea. Because it's slow-grown under the shade of rainforest canopy, it develops less acidity than other types of coffee. The flavor is dark and bold, with a hint of sweetness, and is available in both whole and ground varieties.

Camano Island Coffee Roasters Organic Papua New Guinea Medium Roast $38Shop

Ethical Bean Coffee

True to its name, Ethical Bean Coffee is dedicated to supporting both natural farming practices and local growers. This coffee is both organic and fair trade, and is sourced from Central and South America. The flavor is rich, lightly sweet, and ideal for espresso aficionados.

Ethical Bean Coffee Sweet Espresso Medium Dark Roast $15Shop

Death Wish Coffee

Self-described as “the world's strongest coffee,” this variation is ideal for coffee drinkers who take a practical approach to caffeine consumption. It's also delectably bold, organic, kosher, and fair trade-certified.

Death Wish Organic Whole Bean Coffee $19Shop

Kicking Horse Coffee

One of our favorite organic coffee brands is Kicking Horse, and its cheekily named Smart Ass blend is second to none. As a medium roast, this coffee is bright, smooth, and flavorful, and is ethically sourced from locations in Africa, Central America, and South America.

Kicking Horse Coffee Smart Ass Medium Roast $9Shop

Subtle Earth Organic Coffee

Sourced in Honduras, this is one of our the best coffees for pure arabica taste. The flavor is slightly bitter, but with a delicious balance of caramel, honey, and vanilla notes.

Subtle Earth Organic Coffee Medium-Dark Roast $18Shop

Jo Coffee

Earthy and fragrant without a hint of bitterness, this is one of the best organic coffee brands for espresso lovers. Beyond its polished packaging, Jo Coffee is dedicated to artisan techniques using only the highest quality coffee beans.

Jo Coffee Jo Espresso $11Shop

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