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This Site is About to Become the "It" Place to Buy Art for Your Home

When it comes to creating a beautiful art collection for your home, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But while great paintings, prints, and photographs are entirely subjective, it can be a complete bummer when your search for A-plus art leaves you empty-handed and unsatisfied .В

Not only is finding a piece that matches your artful aesthetic easier said than done, but nobody has the time to spend hours searching the web or visiting a plethora of galleries. That was the exact predicament Kate Hoffman faced when she and her partner were shopping for art for their Los Angeles bungalow.

“I couldn't believe the most imaginative product in the world-art-was wrapped-up in such an uninspiring experience,” she says. “I realized then how lucky I was to have grown up in a family of artists, where I experienced how magical it feels to live with art you love.”

Eager to make shopping for art as inspirational as the pieces you'll eventually hang on your walls, Hoffman founded a site called Spacey Studios. Trust us, it's about to become your new favorite space to shop for art.В

“It's our mission is to constantly introduce our community to the most current artists they need to know and will want to follow,” she explains.В

So how does it work? Each season, Spacey drops a new collection of art, from a new group of artists, who have created work exclusively for the company. Hoffman and her team start the process by selecting a relevant theme and color palette for the season. With a finger on the pulse, Spacey scrolls through Instagram to find a diverse range of up-and-coming artists with both a growing following and buzz. From there, Spacey commissions a handful of artists to create pieces inspired by its seasonal theme.В

Once the new collection drops, it's a good idea to act fast: Spacey only creates 25 editions of each print, making the artwork you buy online feel like a piece made just for you.

“I love how art becomes this lighting rod for connections amongst artists, collectors, and curators,” Hoffman says. “When you collect one of Spacey's 25 prints, you're joining a small group of just 25 other collectors around the world who are also connected to that same piece.”

But streamlining the art buying process is only the tip of the iceberg; Spacey's curated selection screams “cool girl-approved.” Luckily, its current “Peace of Mind” collection-which strives to promote perspective and mindfulness in the home-does not disappoint. From abstract pieces by U.K.-based illustrator Kit Agar, to Andres Reisinger's soothing digital prints, to wavy works by Ukraine painter Sasha Podgurska, you're bound to find something you're actually excited to hang on your walls.

Of course, you can't have a conversation about fine art without talking about the price. Whether you buy an obscure Picasso piece or pick up something from an emerging photographer, fine art gets a bad rap for being ridiculously expensive. Not only are most pieces way out of our budget, but the high prices can make the entire process pretty intimidating. At Spacey, all pieces start at $95, making it possible for everyone to have access to great art.

“I believe that until now, wealth has been the barrier to collecting fine art,” Hoffman says. “This has perpetuated an 'untouchable' narrative that makes people feel that they don't understand and can't afford fine art.”

Whether you're starting a collection from scratch or want the perfect piece to hang over your home office's desk, Hoffman is committed to connecting you with artists and pieces that actually speak to you.

“Storytelling is the cornerstone of art,” she says. “At Spacey, we are always curating artwork in a way that brings a personal connection and story to your spaces and your life.”

Ready to add some new, cool art to your walls? Shop a few of our favorites below:В

Luisa Salas Breakfast in Bed $95Shop

With several cheery prints to choose from, Mexico-based illustrator Luisa Salas is like a modern-day Matisse.В

Thierry Porter Nude II $95Shop

Paint us like one of your French girls, Thierry Porter.В

Delta Venus The Falls $95Shop

Delta Venus offers a laid-back approach to the typical landscape painting.В

Emma Repp Tropical Arrangement $95Shop

Emma Repp reimagined a ho-hum cornucopia as a fun (and modern!) tropical arrangement.

Andres Reisinger When the Lights are Low $95Shop

We want to book a stay in this breezy bedroom, stat.

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